Who Are The Phone Surgery in Liverpool?

Humble beginnings:

We originally started out on County Road in 2005 as a mobile repair shop. We repaired all the common issues that affected mobile phone users back then over 10 years ago such as liquid damage, broken charger ports and smashed screens.


In 2014 we expanded from our long term premises to a new premises based on County road to the original sweeps barber shop (next door to the big blue Tropicana chip shop). From here we can offer a much more professional service as we now have more space for staff members, a open plan repair shop, more floor space for customers awaiting repairs or customer service and more shelf space for our phone, tablet and laptop sales.


We currently have 3 members of staff, 2 fully trained technicians and a customer service advisor.

Phil is the business owner having over 10 years experience in a wide range of repairs dating back to 2005 and beyond. He has extensive knowledege in all the issues that affect both mobile phones and tablets from smashed screens to liquid damage to broken charger ports to software issues to name a few. Phil is well known in the area having served both the general public and businesses. Phil currently manages the social media platform Twitter and has a good knowledge of that platform.

Brian is a experienced technician who joined us in 2014 after running a successful repair shop for over 4 years with experience in mobile, tablet and laptop repairs. He has exensive experience in repairs since 2010 and can repair a wide range of repairs on all gadgets including consoles such as Xbox and Playstation's. Brian also has a good knowledege of social media and currently manages our websites, Google+ and Facebook.

Liv joined us in 2015 as a customer service advisor. She is adequately knowledged to handle all the common issues that affect our most popular repairs from iPhones to Samsungs to iPads to Blackberrys. She is our most common face to face advisor and you will find her servicing our customers on a daily basis and answering queries on the telephone.

What sets us apart from the competiton:

When we first set out in Liverpool there was less than a handful of repair centres for any repairs. In the meantime all them other repair centres have since closed down and now in 2015 there is over 40 repair centres in Liverpool alone, so who is the best?
Its hard to say, we personally believe a lot of the time its down to preference and area.
But one thing we can say is that we have what no other business has, and thats experience. Ok yes there might be other repair technicians out there repairing before us, but as a business we are the only repair shop in Liverpool to have set up and still going on over 10 years. Is that not proof in itself that we must be doing something right?
So ok you have been open over 10 years, big wow! What about them other shops then, surely they know what there doing?
And yet again maybe they do. But this time we have nothing to prove. A business that been established and has such a huge customer portfolio that extends well into the UK has nothing to prove. We could sit here all day and type out what sets us apart from another business, and then another business will have just the same as us, but again it all comes down to reputation and experience.

At The Phone Surgery in Liverpool we pride ourselves on a number of values: Value for money, Quality of repairs & Good customer service.

We dont mess around when it comes to any of those three. 
For example, we know a lot of repair shops use recycled LCDS (basically means they use original lcds pulled off broken phones, then a piece of glass is fitted to it and then sold back to the shop for a cheap price). As a business we dont do that. We use the best pre-made and original parts on the market and we actually pay extra for the best quality.
Again another example, every single screen repair gets a tempered glass. A tempered glass screen protector bonds to your screen and acts as a sort of shield for your new screen. If you drop or something hits your screen the screen protector normally absorbs the damage and keeps your new screen safe. Now we fit every screen repair with a screen protector thus keeping our customers wallets fuller and our workload lesser, again we lose money by doing this but were all about our customers.
Another main issue we came across was that customers were having to wait days, sometimes even weeks on end for a simple say screen repair. We decided to change that and we believe we was the leading repair shop to start other shops off. We decided to offer same day within the hour repairs for simple repairs such as screens repairs, battery replacements, charging port repairs and software installations. In 2015 we decided to push ourselves even further and push for within 15 minute repairs. For example a battery replacement on a iPhone 5S takes us less than 2 minutes, a full tear down screen replacement on a iPhone 6 takes less than 10 minutes, a Samsung s5 lcd replacement less than 5 minutes and a charging port on a iPhone 5 takes less than 5 minutes. So we are bettering ouselves to match the current customer climate of quick but still professional repairs.
And lastly, we give all our customers a 3 month warranty on every repair. Now this warranty doesnt cover accidental damage, but it does cover any issues that may arise due to the repair or the parts fitted. Again we always honor our warranties, if genuinely a issue does arise with a repair or if a part fitted is faulty we will replace that item free of charge (as long as the issue soley lies with ourselves and it doesnt void terms and conditions set out on repair)
Lastly, we hear day in day out of customers waiting days on end for a simple part like a iPhone screen. Not at The Phone Surgery! We guarantee to get our parts the next day by 12pm so no waiting around days or even weeks on end, thats yet again something no other shop can guarantee in Liverpool.

We have been in this game for over 10 years now and established the best relationships with the best suppliers in the UK which is why we can offer both copied and genuine screens. And yes we do offer genuine screens and they are truly genuine. As a reputable business we know sometimes our customers want the real thing so we give you the real thing no questions asked :)

So as you can see we go the extra mile for our customers. But it doesnt stop there. Our social media is filled with info on daily and weekly deals for our new and existing customers.

Moving forward:

As we progress into our 10th year anniversary we can look to the future and see all things good. We see ourselves working with our customers and working on their needs. We look at our humble beginnings and never forget where was was over 10 years ago, but we always listen to our customers and we realise that this business is a learning curve for us too and that we are constantly learning. As new technology and newer models are being released its becoming harder to do repairs but our 10 year on-site experience gives us the advantage for repairs as we have hands on experience for hundreds of issues that arise daily.

So if you want more information on our business or you simply want to pop down come see what were all about, come down and check us out. We can show you repairs whilst we do them normally within 10-15 minutes and we have social media too with hundreds of pictures of before and after and our Youtube page with some videos with more getting added soon.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thephonesurgeryliverpool
Twitter: www.twitter.com/thephonesurgery
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Phonesurgeryliverpoolrepair
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7cP2mewADQEUcdfuudaaYA/videos
iPhone Repairs: http://iphonerepairsliverpool.com

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